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smallcarBIGCITY London Tour

We’re going to be sorry we shared this one with you. If you are looking for a date that is quirky, fun and completely out of the box then this is the one for you. Going on an open top tour bus has been a classic dating option for years. If anything its a little over used and you know what that is don’t you? Because it’s a good date. We’d like to introduce you to smallcarBIGCITY.

Introducing smallcarBIGCITY

SmallcarBIGCITY takes the London tour to another level and offers you something that’s very unique. A private and personalised tour of the hot spots in Central London in your own private Classic Mini Cooper. Not only does this look amazing and impressive to your date but the Minis have their own names! Will you be out in Jules, Lily or Daphne? These Minis also come equipped with a ‘Tourist Scarer” (AKA the Horn) – just ask your guide to use it for extra fun.

You’ll be taken on an adrenalin filled journey to see all the amazing sights that London has to offer and also hear some fantastic and unique stories that no tour guide in London has ever told me – and I’ve been a resident for 31 years!

I can’t tell you the little gems of information you’ll hear (that would spoil all the fun) but you really should book this for a date. You’ll be amazed just how fast these little Minis can run around London and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your dates face.

Do yourself a favour – book now! You won’t regret it. It’s highly recommended on Trip Advisor and part of the Top 10 activities to do in London.

Check out their Facebook page for some amazing pictures.

Contact Details
23 Ivory House
Plantation Wharf
SW11 3TN
+44 2075 850 399
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